Tournaments Illuminated Quest Request: 12th Night Gifts Revisited

In AS 42, one of the earliest TI Quest articles was on the subject of 12th
Night gifts. Ten years later, Quest revisits the subject. Have you given or
received a gift that was particularly clever or unique, or elegant in its
simplicity? Have you been the originator or recipient of a gift that has
become a welcome part of local 12th Night tradition? Share your most
appealing and compelling gift ideas, how-to instructions, and stories by
submitting them to tieditor@ by August 7, 2017 and they may be
included in the 4th Quarter 2017 issue of *Tournaments Illuminated. *If
you’d also like to share photos of your gift creation process, ask for TI
image specs.

Submission of any work to *TI *constitutes permission to publish said work
without compensation in any form, including but not limited to
electronically on a publicly accessible webpage. The author retains all
original copyrights to the submission.



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