Greetings Calontir!

I will be leaving for Pennsic in the morning, and look forward to seeing many of you on those sylvan fields in the coming days.
If you are not pre-registered but intend to camp with Calontir, please contact me as soon as possible ( [log in to unmask] ) so that I can fit you into the camp layout, and be on hand when you arrive.
When you arrive, pre-registered or not, be certain to find me before you set up your tent. Sir Mar, Master Rhodri, Master Eadward and Lady Anastasia Tremayne have volunteered to assist, so if I am not available, any of them can direct you. If you set up your tent without confirming where you are plotted, you may need to move your tent.
The only other rule to consider is that we have no ground fires within the camp. Firepits become future hazards, so we attempt to be good to our future selves.

I am happy for the opportunity to work for Calontir in this role, and hope to have an enjoyable Pennsic with all you fine people.

Be Seeing You,

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