Information from Ansteorra for the Triumphe event hosted by the Province of Mooneschadowe, weekend of September 15th-17th. Equestrian-wise, this will include the Royal Lancer competition, as well as the elevation of the wonderful HL Bridget Rede of Dunvegan to the Order of the Laurel. She is well known among SCA Equestrians (and even Internationally among scholars) for her research of Riding Before a Prince and cavalry maneuvers. She is one of the founding equestrians that started the jousting program in the SCA (as well as period performances for equestrian) and was recently recognized at the University of Leeds' International Medieval Congress for her paper on "How to Ride before a Prince: The Rise of Riding as a Performance Art".

Details below on the Triumphe equestrian activities. I'll be attending with the Ippo Proti and hope to see some of you there!

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Royal Lancer will be held this year at Triumphe of the Eclipse in the Province of Moonshadowe on September 15-17, 2017.  This will be a showcase of how the Royal Lancer of Ansteorra can defend their Kingdom with individual melee fighting, how to function as a cavalry unit when moving toward an enemy, and how to impress visiting Royals with your skills at the finer things, Ride before a Prince. 

 I have spoken with His Majesty this past weekend and discussed the format, and he informed me that riders from Calontir are more that welcome to participate and accumulate winning points, but can not be named as Ansteorran Royal Lancer.   I need to know who all will be competing by August 31st, 2017, so that we can make preparations for site and scheduling etc.

The format will be:

1.  Documentation and 2 movements to be performed before the Prince.  The documentation will need to be turned in Friday night and ride times will likely be determined for the next day then.

2.  Cavalry formations as a unit under direction of someone.

3.  Mounted crest melee first, and then those that can will do full contact mounted combat second.  I would LOVE to see some ground to mounted play in here as well, and maybe we can do a bit of it on Friday!

I do not know a schedule yet and will work on that as the time passes but likely will be: Mounted crest/melee first thing Saturday, followed by time slots in the after for Ride for the Prince, then cavalry maneuvers in the afternoon.  This will all be around the vigil schedule as well, so things may be in flux J

I am setting the bar high on this one, I would like to see everyone have a herald and a personal banner on a pole so that a procession of sorts can be done and you can be heralded in and folks will know who you are.  I want to bring ambiance to this competition and make it as spectacular as our equestrians are! 

Remember, Royal Lancer is a duty to the Crown and Kingdom as the Kingdom Equestrian Champion.  I would like for the person who vies to win to be as devoted to the Crown as the Crown is to its people.  I have enjoyed being Royal Lancer and have pushed the bar far further than I would have expected.  We have a bit more leeway with having horses in procession, having horses in court, and having the Royals appreciate and enjoy having the equestrians around.  I would like to see this continue to grow so that we can participate in the many aspects of the SCA while on horseback!

Few words about the site, and I am not the direct person to ask questions I just know a few things.

There are RV hookups, they are on a first come first serve basis.  There are water spigots throughout the site, but please bring a water hose or two if you have them.

There is no organized space, just a big open space.  This means you must have a way to contain your ponies.  There are a few trees around to picket to, but it is mostly open space.  Please plan accordingly.

On the other hand, this means we have all the space in the world, or at least the world we will be invading for the weekend, to do practice and performance of Ride Before a Prince!!!! 

I think this is about all for now.  Keep posted for updates!  If you have any questions please let me know!
HL Mirabelis Zabaneh

Royal Lancer, Ansteorra

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