Hi All:
We're wrapping up another memorable conference for 2017. We appreciate 
all the photos uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and direct emails.  Before 
you settle back into your busy lives, can you please take a moment and 
see if you can provide the following information. A huge thank you goes 
out to those who have already contacted me on their own.

I am collecting quotations for inclusion in the GNSI publications. With 
this, you would grant permission for use of your statement or photos, 
with credits. We may not be able to use all the quotations, but we 
appreciate your contribution.

1. If you attended a workshop, would you be willing to provide a 
testimonial or quotation about your experience?
I am looking for a short statement, perhaps one or two sentences.
2. any photos?   If you've already uploaded on to social media or email, 
please link to which ones, or send again with high resolution.

1. I would also appreciate hearing of any Presentations or Presenters 
that inspired you.

By August 1, please.

******Please send your comments and quotations directly to me**via 
email: [log in to unmask] ******

Thank you, and Happy Summer,

Linda M. Feltner
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President

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