If you are no longer using a program, you MIGHT be able to donate it, but a lot of EULAs are not 
transferable. And if it is older than 5-6 years, there is a fair chance it will not run on a modern 
secure OS that an organization would allow on their computers. If you are still using a version of 
the software, then no way can you transfer old disks and license numbers to another person.

So I see a lot of paper recycling in your future...


On 7/26/17 1:03 PM, Gail Guth wrote:
> I've had the same experience, where I had to reinstall an old version, which is why I've kept them 
> all. I was going to check to make sure I have all the serial numbers, I think I do but... I would 
> guess that the serial number is enough now. I figure if they aren't going to give me a 
> discanymore, then I can toss out the old ones?
> I believe I have every version of Photoshop starting with v.3, and probably most of the same 
> vintage Illustrator versions as well. Also Claris, Quark (I don't use it at all anymore), you name 
> it. Boxes. I'm with Marj, the temptation is to toss the lot, but I dislike throwing stuff out if 
> someone can use it. We hauled a trunk-full of goodies to our local charity outlet, they have a 
> gift shop where they sell knickknacks and homemade items to help support their give-aways. I 
> parted with two boxes of nice little knickknacks I've had for decades... time to clean out!
> Now I actually have empty spaces on my basement shelves! wow. Jamie is so happy, of course she's 
> the one who will have to deal with all our junk when we're gone, haha.
> -Gail

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