Some programs require disk access to upgrade or actual installation on the drive before upgrade is possible. I would hold on to DVD/CDs and S/N, toss the boxes and docs. If you never plan to use it again and it is less than 6 years old, might be donatible.


On 7/26/17 3:29 PM, Gail Guth wrote:
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my sense was that I would only need the software for installation updates, but I don't think even that is necessary as long as I have the SN's. Most of the stuff is so old that it won't run on anything modern at all. We actually have two computers with built-in zip and floppy drives, but my guess is that would be rare.

I guess my main question is, do I just make sure I have the license numbers and toss the discs? I think yes.

Then I can decide on the old client files. Most key ones are copied to DVD's already, but maybe not all or at least enough. This is looking like a winter project!

thanks for input, everyone,



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