Thank you, Karen, that is very kind, and no rush.

I want to plug in an Apple IMac (27", Retina display, late 2015 model) 
one  backup hard drive, high speed ethernet cable, one lazerprinter, and 
possibly a modem and router (if they will reach). Some will need battery 
backup, others will just need surge protection.

THe forums (both Apple and other companies) say  the PFC (power Factor 
Correction) models don't work on the BackUPS, but need the Smart units. 
And they say all iMacs are PFC, but further inquiry indicates they might 
not be. These forums are from 2014 and nothing more recent. Maybe the 
newer Retina ones are different? I spoke to Apple Care to see if my iMac 
late-2015 is a PFC.  One Apple tech said no, I called again and talked 
to a supervisor and he could not find out with a long search of the specs.

The forums say with the use of an iMac, one needs a Pure Sine Wave unit, 
otherwise it's just a surge protector and the battery does not work. 
"They" say that they found out it wasn't working when a blackout 
happened. "They" also mentioned that when you hook up the USB and 
connect with the management software that there is some immediate signs 
of miscommunication with the unit when the Apple no longer boots up.

I will read more this weekend. It was not my intention to spend $450 on 
a unit (the Pure sine Wave units). But, I was hoping for less than $175.

So, the more I dig, the more confusing the information out there. It's 
JUST a fancy surge protector -- Not rocket surgery!
Linda M. Feltner
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President

On 7/14/17 7:55 AM, Karen Ackoff wrote:
> I have the APC UPS Battery Back Up (BR1500G) 
> <> before that, its predecessor which lasted for 
> 5 yrs. they cut me a break on price when the battery failed (took a 
> trade-in), and now I have the BR1500G. No problems with it. Supports a 
> number of drives and I run my DSL connection thru it. Has both 
> battery-backed up sockets, and non battery-backed up sockets - all 
> surge suppressed. I commonly get a fair number of brief outages.
> K
> From my iPhone.
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>> APC UPS Battery Back Up (BR1500G)
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