Hi, Everyone, Happy Summer!
I am cleaning out my laundry/storage/dump it all in here for now room... 
for those of you who know me well, you know this has been on my Bucket 
List for, oh, about 20 years... it hasn't really been that long, 
butnevertheless I am enormously proud of myself for getting to this at 
last. All kudos are cheerfully welcomed.

Along with boxes of miscellaneous accumulated and fairly useless 
household goodies, I have boxes of old software on discs. What do I do 
with them? Do I need to keep (for instance) Photoshop 3 or Illustrator 
10? Early OS whatever? ClarisWorksetc etc... I have the serial #'s as 
far as I know. Anybody want old Mac software?

Thanks for advice!

Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
139 Lathrop Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
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