Hello everyone:
I've made my purchase. I read a lot of articles over the weekend and spoke to several this morning. I liked the compatibility with Apple OS, and ease of use (so they say).
I'm going with Cyberpower CST1400S, it's a 1400VA/900W (pure sine wave) unit made by them for Costco.
Slightly scaled down from the CP1500PFCLCD model (1500VA/900w). The 1400 uses the same software for the Power Panel as the 1500, and works with Sienna OS.  There was some savings using Costco ($180 vs $215 at B&H), and it's still a bit of overkill for me at this time.

Thanks to everyone for their links and advice.
Maybe I can keep working longer/safer during monsoon!
Linda M. Feltner
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President


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