Hi Lore:
Yes, it's a different feel and look. My expectations were open to discovery. It did not (and probably can not) have the same luminosity and transparency as paper. The edges of paint after application are firm, somewhere between hot press and cold press papers. I chose a more "painterly" technique, using those hard edges, and thought it an OK surface for some things. It can't replace watercolor paper, but it can provide a unique substrate. I agree, gouache would probably work well. (hmmm.. time for an experiment). 
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Linda M. Feltner
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President

On 7/17/17 6:53 AM, Lore Ruttan wrote:
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I tried Aquabord at one point and didn't like the look of watercolors on it because it loses transparency but I remember thinking it would be nice for gouache.


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