Here is what I wrote on the Forum, hope some other people chime in.


The GAG hand book is one resource worth having. Generally the prices in there are considered a little high, but is what you should be shooting for.  The best advice is to get pricing information from as many sources as possible and then consult your client for their budget. The customize the complexity and time you can put into the project to match their budget. Offer them options if possible on how to get what they need in the price range they need. Sometimes it is just not possible. they you need to walk away and spend your time improving your business image and contacts to help you find a better client.

Other possible sources of pricing:

- Fotoquote software. An annual fee for updated pricing on photo images for different markets.

- Online Stock image sites:‎
Remember with stock images, you are looking to find the floor of your competition. You are looking for prices on rights managed images, you will be charging more because you are providing a custom image. But it pays to pay attention to what your customer may be looking at as an alternative to your work.

- Your colleges, who are free to tell you what they charge more than 90 day in the paste without being concern about anti competitive collusion.

- Your salary requirements for the year. Figure out what you need to charge per hour to make a living with benefits. Then figure out the time needed to do the work.

Some work is best done as a full rights to the client deal, as if you were working an hourly job, but some work may have reuse possibilities and  you may want to offer fewer rights ot time of use to the client. It is another way to help fit within their budgets.

If you can figure a price that converges from all those sources, you probably have a good quote.


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Hi there,

Recently started to seriously search for potential clients when it comes to scientific illustration. Does anyone have any tips on setting prices, creating contracts, basic info on working with clients one-on-one?

I've seen some people recommend the handbooks from the Graphic Artists Guild (, would anyone in the GNSI recommend these books as well?

Also I had a great time at the conference and hope to see many of you again next year.




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