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It doesn’t sound as though we can legally vote on amending the bylaws before the meeting as the change to make amendments outside of the meeting is part of what we are voting on.

Other nit-picky things:  30 days would make the amendment valid in August, not July—or November if we have to stay within the current bylaws—note this should not prevent you from bringing in anyone you want to your meeting, but the co-chairs may only have one vote (see below)

Why not just add Program Chair(s) rather than always adding “or co-Program Chairs”? —is more flexible should a trio be required someday...

It is unclear whether each of the executive officers has a vote if one were needed within the Exec and if so, how having more than one Program Chair affects voting (should the program chair(s) be ex officio? and not be eligible to vote? should they share a vote?). Even if you strive to work by consensus, the bylaws should probably have official language regarding voting within the Exec.

btw, Section 5.2.c.i.2 has a typo: "The President conducting" should be “The President conducts”


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I’m sure that you thought I’d forgotten about the elections for this year.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but some changes in nominations and a few other issues delayed the process.  Trust me, there is no one that wants to hand the baton on to someone else more than me…  In the months since soliciting nominations, several nominees have opted to withdraw their candidacy due to work obligations so we essentially have a slate of unopposed officer candidates with one exception.  We still have two candidates for Program Chair.  After discussion with the current Executive Officers and with the two candidates, we are proposing co-Program Chairs as a possibility.  Having done it myself, I can easily see where there is enough work for 2 people.  So, we are proposing an amendment to the bylaws to allow the ability to have co-Program Chairs in any given term (see attached PDF with changes highlighted).  According to the current bylaws, amendments must be presented to the membership and sit on the books for 1 month.  We are therefore presenting said amendments today and starting the clock for a vote to approve the bylaw amendments and approve the slate of officers as a group in August.  I will also have Gino post a copy of these amendments on the ECN website during the 1 month review period.  My plan is to invite the candidates to participate in our Executive meetings beginning this month and moving forward until the Annual Meeting so they have a chance to see how the organization operates and to ask questions.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  And if you haven’t submitted your presentation for the ECN meeting, there’s still time!!!  We have lots of room for talks and posters still.
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