This message (apologies for cross-posting) is being sent on behalf of Paul Skelley (Entomology Section Administrator, Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA)) and Zachary Prusak (Florida Fire Manager for the Nature Conservancy) who are working on getting all of the donated books in FSCA's possession out to the greater entomological community (and beyond) in two ways. You can either 1) stop by the FSCA and purchase books in person upon request or 2) buy some on eBay. The purpose of these sales is to raise funds for the Center for Systematic Entomology (CSE) ( For the past 20 years, the CSE has served as a non-profit corporation designed to further systematics in its broadest sense. The CSE has supported the FSCA in many ways, including: purchases of computer software, library materials, museum study trips, labor for bulk sample sorting, and has even provided a number of grants for specialists to study at the FSCA.


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Individual Auctions:


General Entomology:

“Life-Long Safari" Edward Ross 1999 signed California Academy of Sciences oral history


8 Volumes "Fauna of British India" coleoptera and hymenoptera


Four Volumes "Transactions of the American Entomological Society" 1886 - 1939


"Terceiro Catalogo dos Insectos que Vivem nas Plantas do Brasil" 1936


Plant galls insects British Commonwealth


"Ecology of Forest Insects" Szujecki


"Elementos de Entomologia General" Ceballos 1953


"Marquesan Insects" "Society Islands Insects" Bishop Museum Hawaii


"The Insects of Puerto Rico" Wolcott 1948


"Entomology in India"


"Recent Advances Insect Embryology Japan Poland" entomology


“Commonly Used Names of Insect Pests in Different Countries" in German 1940



Pests and Pest Control/Agriculture:

Aphids Whitefly Fruit Fly entomology pests diptera Mites


Mediterranean Fruit Fly pest insects Hawaii Mexico Florida Brazil


Mango Avocado crops agriculture Florida Africa California


Fruit flies economic significance pest control diptera


Citrus cultivation agriculture crops California Florida


Insect pests host plants Siam El Salvador Uruguay Bolivia


Sugarcane diseases entomology Hawaii India Taiwan coleoptera


“Report on Injurious Insects Midland Counties" 1907 1908


"Insect Pests of the Food Industry" entomology insects 1967


Bulletins State Plant Board of Florida 1 - 14 1953 -1960 entomology pests




Acarology VI Volume 2 Griffiths entomology mites


"Riceland Spiders of South and Southeast Asia"


"The World of Spiders" Bristowe 1958




Genera Insectorum Coleoptera Family Endomychidae Wytsman 1953


Two publications on Carabidae beetles


"New Species of North American Coleoptera" LeConte 1866


"Le Scarabee et les Dieux" scarab beetles


Pselaphid beetles


Weevils Coleoptera North America beetles Blatchley Leng


Beetles Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Eleodiinni


Checklist Coleopterous Insects Mexico Central South America W Indies Blackwelder


Coleoptera Galapagos Islands


"Catalogue Coleoptera North of Mexico" Leng Blackwelder


"Die Kafer Mitteleuropas" Cerambycidae Chrysomelidae 1966


"Classification of the Coleoptera of North America" LeConte Horn 1883


"Coleopteres de France" 3 Volumes


“Zur Kenntnis der Pterostichen-Untergattung Cryobius" 1906



“Notes on Some Indian Species of Phlebotomus" Sinton




"The Mayflies of Florida" Berner 1950


Plecoptera Trichoptera Ephemeroptera caddisflies entomology mayflies


"Morphology Anatomy Ethology of Nemoura" 1923 Plecoptera




“Entomological Reprints Robert Usinger 1930-1977" four volumes heteroptera 1980


Annales Musei Nationalis Hungarici Vol. 5 1907 Hemiptera Coleoptera


"Survey of the World's Aphids" 1976




Indo-Australian Agaoninae Hymenoptera fig wasps


"Sphecid Wasps of the World, a Generic Revision" Bohart 1976


“Classification of the Ichneumon Flies Superfamily Ichneumonoidea" Ashmead 1901


"Les Fourmis et les Plantes Exemple Coevolution" Jolivet ants myrmecology 1986




"Termites of United States and Canada" Snyder entomology insects isoptera 1954




Butterflies of Thailand North America


"The Moths of America North of Mexico" Fascicle 20.1 signed 1973


"The Moths of America North of Mexico" Fascicle 6.2 signed 1974


"The Moths of America North of Mexico" Fascicle 13.1 signed 1972 73


"Butterflies of California" Comstock lepidoptera J.H. McDunnough


"Keys Insects of European Part of the USSR" Lepidoptera




"Mallophagen und Anopluren"



"Histoire Naturelle des Insectes Nevropteres" Rambur 1842


"Synopsis of the Neuroptera of North America" Hagen 1861




Dragonflies North America Florida Odonata Byers Needham


Dragonflies of New Guinea and Neighboring Islands Part VII Lieftinck


"Les Libellules du Quebec" by Robert 1962


"Monographie des Calopterygines" 1854 Longchamps


"The Biology of Dragonflies" Tillyard 1917 George Bick


"The Odonata or Dragonflies of Connecticut" 1927




"Monographic Revision of the Genus Ceuthophilus" Hubbell 1936




"Fleas of Eastern United States" Fox 1940




“Caddisflies of Interior Highlands of North America" Moulton 1996



Medical Entomology:

“Lotta Antimalarica" medical entomology malaria mosquitoes insects diptera 1935


Boletin del Laboratorio de la Clinica "Luis Razetti" journals




Plantas Medicinales de Mexico" Martinez botany ethnobotany


"Flora of Miami" Kunkel Small Everglades Florida


"The Flora of the Island of St. Bartholomew" 1941


Plants of Cayman Islands Seychelles New Zealand East Africa Texas Florida


Taro Hawaii Philippines Fiji


"Illustrated Flora Northern United States Canada British Possessions" 1947


"Plantas Utiles de la Flora Mexicana" 1959




"The Five C's of Cinematography" Mascelli First Edition


"Leeches Their Structure, Physiology Ecology and Embryology" Mann 1962 Hirudinea


Poems of the Orient Scientific Essays Famous American Statesmen Orators


"South African Animal Life" Lund Expedition arachnids birds coleoptera


"A New Theory of Human Evolution " Keith 1949


"The Covered Bridge" Killion 1966


"Geografia General de Mexico" Tamayo 1949


"Darwinism and Catholic Thought, Vol. One Origin of Species" Dorlodot 1922


"Membership of the Cosmos Club 1878-1968"


"Echinoderms of Connecticut" 1912


"Crawfishes of Pennsylvania" Ortmann 1906


"The Nature of Animal Colours" Fox 1960


“The Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine Vol. 1" 1859 Forbes


"German-English Dictionary for Chemists" Patterson 1924

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