AFEE Colleagues:

Professor Dr. Vladislav Valentinov has received a German Research Society (DFG) grant to study the decoupling of agricultural land markets from moral beliefs and values, with the use of the social fabric matrix (SFM) (see attached research proposal).

I am writing to send notification that Professor Valentinov is now searching for, as he states, “a postdoc who would work full time within the two-year project on the ethical issues of agricultural land markets. Depending on the profile and interests of potential candidates, the development of the social fabric matrix of agricultural land markets in Germany could be the major activity. There is substantial interest at the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economics (IAMO) to develop expertise in the SFM approach.” The job announcement at IAMO in Halle, Germany can be found at (also attached as a PDF). It is not necessary to be fluent in German to be considered a serious candidate. There are currently researchers at IAMO who are fluent only in English.

Given the importance of this research project to contribute to our scientific literature and to gain an understanding about conflict between ethical land beliefs and land markets (which is an issue in all countries), participation in the analysis should be very rewarding. Thus, I encourage you to give it serious consideration or notify others you know who have developed capabilities to participate in the project.


Greg Hayden