Dear Afeefolks,

I am working with a variety of heterodox associations to provide resources for graduate students and younger faculty. Specifically, I am compiling advice on how people on the job market should prepare for (1) a short ASSA or Skype interview and (2) a full day on-campus interview. 

Please send your advice to me, [log in to unmask], and I will compile and share. This will also be shared at an URPE session at the Southern Economics Association meetings in November in Tampa, in case you plan on attending.

Some possible issues include:
What questions should job candidates anticipate?
How should they frame their research and teaching? 
How does their approach to an interview need to change depending on the context (R1, teaching oriented university, mainstream department, pluralistic department, heterodox department)?
What should be emphasized? Avoided?

Thank you for your assistance with this initiative.

Warm regards, 

Geoff Schneider

Note to those on the job market: There is an online workshop on constructing a teaching philosophy and portfolio available at You must be an URPE member to access the material. 

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