Subject: Judaica Project — Autumn 2017 travel schedule
Dear Colleagues:

When I started working with jewish songs five years ago, I only knew that
it felt necessary to place my songwork practice in dialogue with cultural
politics. Since then the need to think creatively about cultural and
specifically jewish identity has only grown more urgent. In his book
_Decolonial Judaism_, Santiago Slabodsky asks whether it is still possible
to imagine contemporary jewish identity as a source for radical
perspectives. In the wake of recent events, nothing seems more crucial than
to rethink identity from the ground up, starting with its presence in the
body. In the Judaica project, the act of singing becomes a starting point
for asking urgent questions.

After four months of focused research, the Judaica project trio (Ben Spatz,
Nazlıhan Eda Erçin, and Agnieszka Mendel) is about to embark on nearly two
months of continuous travel<
urban-research-theater-1196321> in the United Kingdom, United States, and
Poland. Across these three countries we also aim to engage three distinct
but overlapping types of public space: theatres, universities, and jewish
community centers. An overview of our travel schedule is as follows:

August 31: TaPRA conference in Salford
September 5: 'Democracy in Music' conference in Huddersfield

September 7-12: Synagogues in the Świętokrzyskie region
September 13-22: The Grotowski Institute, Wrocław
- 13th: Meeting with Mira Żelechower
- 15th: Concert at the White Stork Synagogue
- 22nd: Presentation at the Grotowski Institute
- - with Dariusz Kosiński
September 23-24: POLIN Museum, Warsaw
September 26: Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre, Lublin
October 1: Galicia Jewish Museum, Kraków

October 3: JW3 Jewish Community Centre, London
- with Yvon Bonenfant, Nwando Ebizie, and Shanti Suki Osman
October 4: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London
October 6: Goldsmiths, University of London

October 10: NYU Performance Studies, NYC
- with Ximena Garnica, Andre Lepecki, and Katherine Profeta
October 10-12: Workshops at Cave, home of Leimay, NYC
October 15: LABA Laboratory for Jewish Culture, NYC
October 16: Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, CUNY
- and SITI Company Thought Center, NYC
October 17: Panoply Performance Lab, NYC
October 18: Institute for Somatics & Social Justice, Philadelphia
- with Nicole Bindler, Fatima Adamu, Dan Blacksberg,
- Lela Aisha Jones, and Ezra Berkley Nepon
October 19: Wesleyan University, Connecticut
October 20: Tufts University, Massachusetts

October 24: University of Kent
October 26: University of Manchester

We hope that you will join us for one of our participatory workshops;
attend one of our full-day events combining screenings and live
presentations in Kraków, London, New York City, Philadelphia, and
Manchester; and/or come to one of our three curated panel discussions in
London, New York City, and Philadelphia. For details, workshop
registration, and more information, please check the online Judaica
calendar webpage<>.

In the meantime, or if you cannot make it to any of these events, you are
welcome to view the recent Judaica video essays<http://> or take your pick of nearly two hundred
unedited video selections in the online Songwork Catalogue<http://>.


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