Greetings! I am forwarding this missive from the Equestrian Marshal in
Charge of Cattle Raids, THL Katrin Bjarnarsdottir. If you would like to
volunteer, please contact her at <[log in to unmask]>.
In Service, Eowyth


Greetings equestrians and friends! Cattle Raides is just around the
corner *(August
25-27th, 2017 - Weeping Water,
<> )*
Can I get a head count of horses coming and riders  also would like to know
when you might be coming in. If I remember correctly there are 14 stalls
with electricity

I am in need of ground crew and list minister/mistress.

There will be three competitions for the evening.  one in morning,
afternoon and evening (we have arena lights)
the morning competition will  be 2 teams competing
the afternoon will be timed and points competition
some of the skills for the day will be sword, axes, spear, and cabbages.
More as the designs are made
If there are authorizations I would like to know in advance
We will be taking horses to Court so if you have Calontir barding please
bring it

Remember that if you are coming in from out of state you need to have a
health cert (done in last 30 days) and a coggins

Katrin, EMIC

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