Important QPT Reminders!

Hello, Calontir, as Queen's Prize approaches, I just need to put out these
two reminders:

First, Sponsor Gifts! All sponsors are expected bring, or send with
someone, an entrant gift for each entry they sponsor. I will have colored
cards with all the entrants' names at the admin table. During the day, stop
by and pick the name of an entrant for each gift you're bringing.
Customarily the gifts are for entrants OTHER than the ones you are
sponsoring, talk to me on the day if it's something very special or fitted
to a particular person and you need an exception to that. The presentation
of the gifts (Which almost all of you will have seen before) occurs in
evening Court.

Second, judges: Please bring an item for the judges' basket, which will be
presented to the winner of the 'Judges' Choice.' During the day, I will
have blank cards and a ballot box at the admin table for this purpose as
well, select your favorite and vote, presentation of the Judges' Choice is
also at evening Court. You can put an item of your choice in the basket,
but favorites for most judges are materials or aids for their own art or
science or things the judge or an associate has made.

Countess Branwen has done an excellent job of working out the schedule,
Lord Myghal seems to have all the site issues under control, and I look
forward to seeing you all there!

Yours in service,
Paul Adler

Vince Zahnle
COL, USA, Ret.

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