At Gryphon’s Fest next Saturday (September 30th, 2017), I am offering to help ladies fashion their hair into period hairstyles (especially those pesky 14th century ones) or to help them find  an appropriate head covering using veils/turbans made from muslin. (If I could afford to give away veils made of linen and silk, I would!) Oh, yes, I should mention, that the headwear will be yours to take home and use, hopefully to pattern a linen version!

Because this project is costing me a little bit out of pocket and will be limited in supply, I ask that this resource be used only by those who don’t have headwear. If you do have headwear and you would like help styling it or you’re like I was when I started and haven’t been able to get it to stay on, then stop by and I’ll be happy to help you trouble shoot the problem. Also, because of the cost, I would appreciate it if this resource would only be utilized by those who don’t have long enough hair for a period hairstyle.

For those who have hair long enough (shoulder length and longer) for period hairstyles, I’ll have an assortment of hair-ties, bobby pins, thread, and a brand new hairbrush and set of combs for every hair type. I’ll keep them in soapy water between uses to keep them clean, but if you would prefer I use your brush, etc, I completely understand and will be happy to accommodate. 



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