Excellency, I would be interested in knowing what the office entails.  My email is [log in to unmask]  Thanks.

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Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 5:19:37 PM
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Subject: [CALONTIR] Master Scheduler office will be open for applications
For those who weren't at Queen's Prize, the new Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences was announced to be Mistress Aidan Cocrinn. She will need a new Master Scheduler deputy as my term is up after Kingdom Arts & Sciences next April, where she will take office. Formal application requirements will be announced shortly, but for anyone who is interested, send me a PM with your email, and I will send you my notes on a synopsis of what the office entails, so you can take a look first. I'll work with whoever is chosen in a couple months on the KA&S schedule for training.  In service, --Branwen
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