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*This is the first of a series of educational articles about heraldry in

There are two main types of heralds in the SCA:  voice heralds and book

The voice heralds came first, historically.  In the SCA, they make
announcements at tournaments and events (hence the name, herald) and run
court and other ceremonies.  Sign heralds are included in the tradition of
the voice heralds, since they convey messages also.

Book heralds help people pick names and design coats of arms.  Originally,
heralds got into the business of names and armory just to keep track of the
people they were announcing.  That evolved into a role in designing coats
of arms for new noble families.  And in the SCA, heralds got involved in
researching and registering names since you need a name in order to file
armory registrations.

Most local groups in Calontir have a herald among the local officers.
Local heraldic officers have varying levels of expertise, from rank novice
to grizzled expert, but they will be able to find someone to help you, if
your problem is beyond their resources.

Since not everyone has a local herald easily available, Calontir has a
system of regional heralds to cover any gaps.  You can contact your
regional herald at any time for assistance on heraldic issues.

   - *Northeast*: Axed Root, Coeur d’Ennui, Deodar, Flinthyll, Heraldshill
   and Shadowdale. *[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>*
   - *Northwest*: Carlsby, Crescent Moon, Lonely Tower, Lost Moor and Mag
   Mor *[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>*
   - *Central*: Amlethsmore, Aston Tor, Bellewode, Cúm an Iolair, Forgotten
   Sea and Loch Bheathrach. *[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>*
   - *Southeast*: Calanais Nuadh, Oakheart, Standing Stones, Three Rivers
   and Wyvern Cliffe. *[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>*
   - *Southwest*: Bois d’Arc, Crystal Mynes, Grimfells, Spinning Winds,
   Theobald, Vatavia and Westumbria. *[log in to unmask]
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Calontir also has a strong contingent of active heralds-at-large who are
ready to help.  You can find them and other heralds at the heraldic consult
table at many of our events – including Lilies War.

You can also find us online:

   - Calontir College of Heralds Website –
   - Calontir Virtual Consult Table – Virtual Consult Table
   <> (in beta testing)
   - Calontir Heralds email group –
   - Heralds of Calontir FB group –

At your service,

Sofya la Rus, Habicht Herald
Calontir Heraldic Education Deputy
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