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> Thanks to all who have been asking about my daughter Carrie and how her
> household weathered the storm.  Although the eye of Irma passed directly
> over Sarasota, FL, it had been downgraded to Cat. 2 by then.  Carrie
> evacuated early--put up the storm shutters Wed, and left early Thurs
> morning, ran into lots of traffic and gas shortages, but got to Nebraska by
> Friday night, along with her husband, sister-in-law (who lives with them)
> and her 2 dogs.  It was pretty crowded in her little sub-compact!
> From what her neighbors are posting on the neighborhood association
> website, most of the damage is shingles blown off, some leaking through
> vents and light fixtures and debris.  The power is out.  We don't know
> anything for sure yet about Carrie's house, but are hoping for the best.
> She will possibly return to Sarasota by the end of the week.
> Thanks again for your good thoughts!
> Natalya
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Judy Thiem

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