Contact Dorothia Rohner. She will know who you need to ask for permission.

You are certainly able to talk about your experience using his techniques. Nothing stopping you. If 
you are going to lift text from his worksheets, it should be only a few short passages and 
attributed to him. But the ideas in there are free for you to interpret. Sharing workshop 
experiences is not going to get you in trouble.

I would think you will not have a problem getting permission to use the images on John's sales site, 
especially if you offer to put a link beside each image pointing back to the sales site. Dorothia 
has been the keeper of this site. It seems to be saying they are "out of business", but she should 
know if there are any successor sites.


Hello All,

I'm finally getting my blog post about John Cody together. A few questions popped up. I want talk 
about his techniques but would that be wrong? I won't reprint his "how to" word for word but I do 
want to share some of the things I learned in his workshop. As a homage and to preserve them for the 
next generation of artists.

Also, I would like to post some of his art. Where would I got for permission for that?

What are your thoughts?

All best,

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