Hi - does anyone use Behance to promote their work? I have an Adobe 
subscription, so it's free; I declined to advertised in the upcoming 
Sourcebook because of the cost and never getting any work via that 
outlet, so I thought I'd try Behance. (I still have my Science-art 
portfolio, the only place I have ever gained any work!)

However, I see that there are NO copyright protectionsat all on Behance, 
and no one watermarks any of the images. You can click and drag or right 
click to save images to the desktop, and they are hi-res and totally 
useable. Behance says that there is no way to truly protect images on 
the web, and adding in such protections just makes things more complicated.

this concerns me a lot, for my own work and especially for any 
copyrighted work from my clients. I supposed I can just slap watermarks 
on everything (I do usually anyway) but I seem to be the only one who 
would be doing that.



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