I'll be posting this on FB as well, but for anyone interested the Master
Scheduler announcement and deadline are up on Kingdom website:

Call for Letters of Intent: Arts & Sciences Master Scheduler

October 19, 2017

The Arts and Sciences Master Scheduler position will turn over at Kingdom
Arts and Sciences this coming Spring. The new Master Scheduler needs to
second-chair this process with Countess Branwen, the current office-holder,
in order to be fully prepared to take on the entire responsibility for
Queen's Prize in the Fall. The scheduler's work begins in earnest about a
month before each of the two major competitions, and so will need to be
ready to dive in just after Gulf Wars.

The position's chief responsibility is matching available judges, entrants,
and time slots at two annual competitions, Queen's Prize in the Fall and
Kingdom Arts and Sciences in the Spring. The position is a statutory deputy
of the Arts and Sciences Minister, and so I will be accepting all the
letters of intent to serve and selecting a candidate. There is no
requirement for any particular level of rank or award for this job.

A spreadsheet application has been used for the complex task of matching
judge proficiencies, entrants, and time slots. Functional knowledge of
Excel or a similar spreadsheet program is therefore highly desirable.
Applicants need to have reliable email/internet access and a love for

Please include the following in your Letter of Intent or application letter:
1. Your full name, both modern and SCA.
2. A brief summary of your relevant modern and SCA experience, particularly
with respect to arts and sciences, and a short statement on why you would
like to be Master Scheduler.
3. Your knowledge and experience with Excel, comparable spreadsheet
programs, and other relevant skills or experience in organizing complex
Submissions should be emailed to [log in to unmask] They must be
received not later than Friday, January 26th, 2018, the decision announced
shortly thereafter.

THL Paul Adler, Calontir Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Vince Zahnle
COL, USA, Ret.


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