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September 30, A.S. 52

*In evening court:*

Havarr Refskegg <> – AoA
Lawrence Withers <> – AoA
Hildar of Three Rivers <> -AoA
Mjoll of Three Rivers <> – AoA
Auga Ormstunga <> – AoA
Daniel Steelbender <> –
Order of Chivalry
Eva Celensoen <> – Golden
Calon Swan
Eya Ullhond <> – AoA
Joan Myssenden <> – Calon Lily
Elizabet Walker Paisley <> –
Golden Calon Swan
Da’ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari
<> – Leather
Giovanni della Torre <> – Eo-Hirth
Amarante of Standing Stones <> –
Queen’s Chalice
Roisin of Standing Stones <> –
Queen’s Chalice
Emeline de Moulineaux
<> – Silver Hammer
Abbatissa inghean Iohne mhic Cuaig
<> – Silver Hammer

*Other court tidings:*
A boon was begged for Kajsa Nikulasdottir
<> to join the Order of
the Laurel.
TRM added the Masters of Defense to Kingdom Law.
The premiers of the Masters of Defense were announced by Their Majesties: Baron
Donald Mac Donald <>,
HL Gawin Kappler <>, Master Ravasz
Janos <>

Martin Schongauer, The griffin, 1485. Public domain in the US
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