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From the editor of *Tournaments Illuminated*: Quest Request for TI Issue
> 205.  Please cross-post to all appropriate Society e-lists:
> Our upcoming Quest article is "Hints For Equestrians", with Guest Editor
> Melissa Midzor |*Arabella da Siena, OP*.
> Horses and skill at horsemanship are deep in the bedrock of chivalry; even
> non-equestrian Society folk know that the roots of the word itself run
> through the Old French *chevalerie *all the way back to the Latin
> *caballarius*, "horseman". The working alliance between horse and rider
> is a true partnership, exhilarating to be a part of and also to witness.
> Equestrian matters are firmly woven into the fabric of the SCA, and have
> been from its earliest days; our equestrian community is a vibrant part of
> the Society tapestry. From tricks with tack to trailer-loading lore, from
> barding bests to knowledge handed down on best care practices for horses,
> riders and their gear, there is much to share. Send your hacks, hints and
> helpful advice on any aspect of Society equestrian life to
> [log in to unmask] by November 7 and it may be included in the First
> Quarter 2017 issue of *Tournaments Illuminated. *If you’d like to share a
> photo, please ask for image specs.
> Submission of any work to *TI *constitutes permission to publish said
> work without compensation in any form, including but not limited to
> electronically on a publicly accessible webpage. The author retains all
> original copyrights to the submission.

Thank you,

CiarLasse MacGregor
TI liaison, Caid

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