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*This is the second of a series of educational articles about heraldry in

Calontir has a fairly robust cadre of local heralds and a strong contingent
of heralds-at-large who are ready to help with researching and registering
names and devices.

But we recognize that sometimes you just can’t get to the consult table at
an event with all the other great things going on.  And it can be a
challenge to pigeon-hole your local herald at a meeting long enough to
hammer out some good ideas.

So, we are offering a brand new service – the Calontir Virtual Consult

The Virtual Consult Table is a place where Calontiri with questions about
heraldry can request a herald to work with them on-line to research a name,
design a device, and get through the submission paperwork.

If you would like to use the Calontir Virtual Consult Table, go to the Virtual
Consult Request Form

You should receive an email from your assigned consulting herald within two

After your consultation, please let us know how we did and if you have
suggestions for improvement with the Virtual Consult Feedback Form

Heralds who are interested in helping with Virtual Consults do not have to
be “senior” heralds or even “experienced” heralds. You just have to have to
be service-oriented, familiar with the key resources (especially SENA and
the Calontir Heralds Handbook) and able to ask other heralds for help when
you find yourself with a question you can’t answer. And, of course, you
need to have reliable email service.  Virtual Consult Volunteer Form

When you finish a Virtual Consult, please report back so the
Herald-in-Charge knows you’re ready for a new client:  Virtual Consult
Heralds Report Form

The Calontir Virtual Consult Table is in beta testing at the moment, but if
all goes well, it will find a permanent home on the Calontir Heralds
website.  For now, you can find it here:

Please try it out!
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