Greetings Equestrians (& Friends!)

December 9th, Kris Kinder will be our annual marshal and general equestrian
meetings, as well as meetings of the Eo-Fyrd and Eo-Hirth Orders. I am
attempting to schedule the marshal & general meetings just prior to the
Fyrd (1:30pm) & Hirth (2pm) orders, which would allow for a potluck lunch
and the ability to just stick to 1 place for a couple of hours, rather than
running back & forth.

I've requested 12-1pm for the Marshals/MiT meeting and 1-1:30 for the
General meeting. I've also asked for a larger room. I know that last year,
we had marshals & general equestrians that couldn't attend, because there
was no space. Hopefully we can fix that this year.

So, plan to bring something to share for the potluck and I look forward to
seeing everyone at the event. I'll post again when I have confirmation of
meeting times.

And if you have something you'd like to add to the agenda for either
meeting, just let me know!

In Service,

Mistress Eowyth þa Siðend
Kingdom Equestrian Officer

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