Greetings Calontir!

It is now 13 days until Vertigo 2017 is upon us.

Gate will open at 5:00 PM on Friday the 20th. All cabins have been reserved
at this time.

On Saturday there will be plenty of of fighting for both Calon-Steel and
the Heavy Weapons Fighters. There will be plenty of Archery for those that
wish too walk the course (Vertigo Clout shoot), IKAC, and the SSAC Fall
Shoot, (Quarterly and Satire).

There will be no Thrown Weapons and I do not have the equipment space or
personnel to handle it.

For those that wish to shoot the IKAC in the period Division there will
period targets on site.

There will be classes for those that wish to learn. Teachers that have
volunteered thank you. For those that have been thinking about teaching
something please contact Countess Elspeth, see the web site.

To the Heavy Weapons Fighters, teach how to setup the helm, armor and the
various weapons. Pick one Item and teach it. This goes for Calon-Archers
and the Calon-Steel fighters as well .

The Classes will be part of RUSH.

His Majesty is calling for a "Road To Southwark".  IE. camping with a full*
period* outfit.

Apologizes to the Bards. Word has come to me that for reasons unknown
"Bardic Bedlam" *will not* be held at Vertigo 2017.

Also we will, according to Kingdom web page, be having three elevations
scheduled for Saturday.

For updates:The event web page can be found at http//

Please come prepared for cool to comfortable days and cool to cold nights.
Yes the cabins have heaters. And if for some reason Mother Nature is
capricious and we have a heat spell the cabins have Air Conditioning.

Campers are welcome.

Lord Halldór Skaptason
Webminister and Missile Weapons Officer Shire of Lost Moor

Keep your religion out of the government and I will keep the government out
of your religion.


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