So, I got a message over email from a group called Osmosis. They are looking for animators for 
internships and then contract work. They do online medical training with pretty simple animations in 
a particular style. Sounds like they are willing to train people in their tools and style of work.

Has anyone heard of these folks and know anything about them?

Here is the message:


Hello there! This is Tanner Marshall, I manage the video production with Osmosis (platform - <>, YouTube - 
<>) where we create educational videos for medical professionals, 
patients, and others. We're currently looking to expand our animation team and it seemed like GNSI 
members might make a good fit! Is there was a way to let guild members know about our animator job 

And here's a video description of the position:

Here's a link to the Google Form that we use for submitting applications:

Thank you! Tanner

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The description says the internships are two months at $3500/month 40hrs/week.

The contract work is $60/min with most animations being 8-12 min. long.

The style seems to be animated text and line cartoon reveals with 2D movements, not too complicated. 
You can check out their YouTube channel for examples.

Again, I would love to hear if anyone has any experience with this group, as I am trying to judge 
how far I should spread the word about this opportunity.


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