Yes, I have also seen such defects on Copris, Onitis and some aphodines in Spain, usually in wet conditions (Spring). In dry specimens the defects become darker and generally match the colour of the surrounding exoskeleton. I have always assumed it was due to the integument failing to properly sclerotize due to water saturation during emergence.


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Hi All:


My colleague, Wes Watson, has a project with Onthophagus taurus.  A number of the adult beetles he’s recovering are speckled with yellow spots.  Closer examination reveals what appears to be yeast(?) in the spots.  Have others made a similar observations on beetles?  Photos are attached.


Any clue as to what these are?


If you can help Wes out, I know he would appreciate it.  Please contact Wes directly at [log in to unmask]






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