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You were pretty close with "yeast", but they are laboulbeniales fungi of the Class Laboulbeniomycetes. They are quite common on dung beetles from around the world, and also occur on a wide variety of other beetles.  A five volume work on the group was published by Thaxter from 1896-1931, but I think the group has been neglected by Mycologists over the last few decades . . . or perhaps half century!




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Hi All:


My colleague, Wes Watson, has a project with Onthophagus taurus.  A number of the adult beetles he’s recovering are speckled with yellow spots.  Closer examination reveals what appears to be yeast(?) in the spots.  Have others made a similar observations on beetles?  Photos are attached.


Any clue as to what these are?


If you can help Wes out, I know he would appreciate it.  Please contact Wes directly at [log in to unmask]






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