The color of what I've seen here matches exactly that of wild howler monkey excrements. With those living cells inside it, would it be possible these are dried dung drops with fungi living in/off them?

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Now I'm very interested in learning what these "plaques" are, as shown in DSCN3724.  I've observed them on numerous genera of Scarabaeine dung beetles from the Neotropics and elsewhere. At an Ent. Soc. of America symposium on Insect-Fungus relationships some 20+ years ago, the speaker showed images of very similar structures on the pronota and elytra of beetles and said they were Laboulbeniales.  If these are not labouls, then perhaps they are another group of fungi.
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Than it shall be an integument defects.

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I sent the photo of the Onthophagus taurus
specimen to Prof. Walter Rossi, an authority on
Laboulbeniales and he told me that the mistery
spots do not belong to the order Laboulbeniales.
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At 18:08 12/10/2017, you wrote:
>These look very typical Laboulbeniales. Some of
>the other blotches look less distinctive! Best wishes, Robert.
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>I have seen here in Costa Rica many cases like
>the one Kevin shows in his photo, we also have
>clear cases of Laboulbeniomycetes like those
>shown in my photo on a Dichotomius centralis.
>However the ones in Kevin's photo look different from those in my photo:
>Ãngel Solís


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