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The main news is, of course, the donations to the USMC Toys for Tots drive
to provide toys for children whose families cannot. This year our donations
were even more important; in October thieves broke in to the storage locker
where donations were being stored and made off with several large boxes.

As usual, Calontir came through. The final count on toys was 2371 toys


And once again this year, the local USMC presented the Kingdom with an
award, the Coordinator’s Award. Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal
Highnesses accepted the award and had Their photos taken with the local Sea
Cadets.  The Award was later presented to Halvgrimr Riddari
<> , who has been a driving force
behind this…and also brought the most toys, over 300.


In addition there was a silent auction to benefit our friends in Ansteorra
and Trimaris. The auction raised $434, which will be split between the two

The next big news was the elevation of the three premiers of Calontir’s
Order of Defense, Donald Andrew MacDonald
<>, Gawin Kappler
<> and Ravasz Janos
<>. The event was well attended
by Masters from other kingdoms, wishing to lend their support.

There were two other elevations, those of Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill
<> to the Order
of the Pelican and Severin Svendottir
<> to the Order of the
Laurel. We were unable to get photos of these ceremonies. As always, check
Master Vilhelm von Lich’s <> Flickr
feed <>, Mistress
Rhianydd Arbeth’s <> Flickr feed
<>, and other of the
Kingdom’s great photographers for more images.

We did not get any photos of the Toys for Tots tournament, but the Youth
Combat and Cut & Thrust tourneys were well attended and well fought.
Several folks stated this was the largest C&T tournament ever in Calontir,
and I believe it may well have been.


For more details on awards, recognition and elevations, see Dorcas’ Court
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