Kingdom of Calontir’s 69th Coronation

January 13, 2018

Site open 8am to 9pm

St Peters Parish, Selinger Exhibit Hall

216 Broadway

Jefferson  City

MO 65101

Please follow the event Wordpress site for more information and updates.


Adult Event Registration: $15

Adult Member Discount Registration: $10

Children 17-12 years of age: $5

Children under 12 Free

Family Cap $30

Makes checks payable to SCA Inc. Shire of Wyvern Cliffe

Travelers Fare

$5 donation for the Central Missouri Food Bank

Meat pie, a pickle, a piece of fruit , a hunk of cheese and a bit of candied citrus as a sweet bite at the end

Inn Steward:

Her Excellency Elianor de Moreland

573-363-3638 no calls after 9pm please

German inspired Feast (Menu to be announced)

$10 per meal

80 meals available

Feast Steward

Her Excellency Gabriella von Fredrichstahl

573-761-5963 no calls after 9pm please

Dirty Dozen Donation Derby By Rachel Ost

Event Steward:

HE Catalina de Arazuri


December aka Catalina 
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