A message from Master Brendan:

Starting next Wednesday, 2 Knights and a Huscarl, all broken, would like to start basic armored combat training for any who would like to develop a good foundation for fighting.  It'll be mostly out of armor type training; how to hold a sword; how to move; basically how to throw a shot (cup and saucer type stuff); and a big emphasis on slow work (not warm-ups, think more like Tai Chi).  Eventually, how to do pell work and for those who need it, a path to armored sparring.

This is not a one time thing, or a few weeks.  Ariel, Logan, and I are going to commit to having someone there for as long as we have interested students.  I'll probably even keep coming and working on my own slow work after interest has waned (and in case we get new fighters and such).  I'd also like this to be a class like setting, not a few minutes before we go get into armor.

Any questions, please let me know.


Since this is non contact, fighters of all ages are welcome.

-- Logan --

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