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*The Coronation of Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir
<> and Her
Excellency Ashland de Mumford

*When: *
January 13, 2018. Site open 8am to 9pm

St Peters Parish, Selinger Exhibit Hall
216 Broadway
Jefferson City
MO 65101

*Event website:*

Adult Event Registration: $15
Adult Member Discount Registration: $10
Children 17-12 years of age: $5
Children under 12 Free
Family Cap $30
*Makes checks payable to SCA Inc. Shire of Wyvern Cliffe*

*Inn: *
$5 donation for the Central Missouri Food Bank

Meat pie, a pickle, a piece of fruit , a hunk of cheese and a bit of
candied citrus as a sweet bite at the end

*Inn Steward:*
Her Excellency Elianor de Moreland
573-363-3638 <(573)%20363-3638> no calls after 9pm please

German inspired Feast (Menu to be announced)
$10 per meal
80 meals available

*Feast Steward:*
Her Excellency Gabriella von Fredrichstahl
573-761-5963 <(573)%20761-5963> no calls after 9pm please

Dirty Dozen Donation Derby By Her Excellency Konstantia Kaloethina

*Event Steward:*
Her Excellency Catalina de Arazuri
573-291-9812 <(573)%20291-9812>
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