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CALONTIR  Acceptances

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#96> Axed Root, Canton of. Device change. Gules, on a bend azure fimbriated a double-bitted poleaxe, in sinister canton a laurel wreath Or.

The territory's previous device, Or, a double-bitted poleaxe sable between two boars' heads couped respectant gules all within a laurel wreath vert, is retained as their ancient arms.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#97> Axel Sialfason. Name change from Vimundr Sialfason.

Sialfason is already registered to the submitter and thus may continue to be used under the newly-renamed Existing Registration Allowance, PN1B2g.

The submitter's previous name, Vimundr Sialfason, is retained as an alternate name

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#98> Brian Robert MacDougall. Badge. (Fieldless) In pale two arrows inverted in saltire Or conjoined with a broken claymore argent hilted sable.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#99> Gaius Flavius Auxilius. Name.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#100> Gisele de la Fontaine. Badge. (Fieldless) A spider argent maintaining in chief a fountain.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#101> Hafr-Þórólfr. Name.

Nice 9th-10th century Icelandic name!

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#102> Hálfgrímr hafreki. Name and device. Or, a peacock contourny, tail elevated and spread sable.

Submitted as Halfgrímr hafreki, the given name is constructed from the attested elements Hálf- and -grímr. For registration, we have added the diacritical marking to the a in Hálfgrímr to use markings consistently throughout the name.

Commenters noted that two of the three examples of names using Hálf- were literal usages of the term "half-". Even so, the construction Hálfgrímr is plausible. The element -grímr can mean a mask or helm that hides the face; a half-mask or half-helm is at least as reasonable as a half-spear, as in the name Hálfgeirr.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#103> Kedivor ap Gwilym. Name and device. Purpure, a pile throughout vert fimbriated argent.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#104> Mag Mor, Barony of. Order name Award of the Anchor of Mag Mor.

Submitted as Award of the Anchor, this order name presumes on the name of Acre, a major city in Israel. In some dialects, Anchor and Acre have only a single difference in sound, which is not sufficient to bring them clear.

The city of Acre is significant enough to protect. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, with evidence of continual human habitation since the Bronze Age. Within the SCA's period, Acre was one of the largest and most significant Mediterranean ports. Acre was a major Roman base in the region and later became one of the Frankish Crusader States before being reconquered by the Mamluks in 1291. Acre has its own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The Barony permitted the addition of the phrase of Mag Mor to this order name to avoid conflict or presumption if needed. As Acre is significant enough to protect, we have made this change to allow registration.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#105> Mag Mor, Barony of. Order name Award of the Aurochs of Mag Mor.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#106> Mag Mor, Barony of. Order name Order of Gwyneths Harp.

Submitted as Order of Gwyneth's Harp, the Letter of Intent relied on the newly-renamed Existing Registration Allowance, NPN1C2g, to document the name Gwyneth as the name of a founder of the Barony. However, the Existing Registration Allowance cannot be used to document Gwyneth's, only Gwyneth, as only the "exact, actual name phrase from the registered form may be used." Moreover, the lingua Anglica allowance cannot be applied to given names.

However, Gwyneth can be documented independently as a variant spelling of Gwineth, which is found in the FamilySearch Historical Records for England dated to 1577. Therefore, the order name is registerable as the Order of Gwyneths Harp. We have made this change for registration.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#107> Mag Mor, Barony of. Order name Order of the Heart of Mag Mor.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#108> Teodric Ó Dubhghaill. Name and device. Quarterly Or and azure, in bend two tau crosses purpure.

This name combines an Old English given name with a Gaelic byname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/August17LOAR/17-08lar.htm#109> Úlfr Þorgrimsson. Device. Gyronny arrondi azure and argent, a double tressure sable.

There is a step from period practice for gyrons issuant from the corners of the shield.

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