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> Is there an obvious reason I'm missing (as a one-man-band freelance shop) to buy a license outright these days? What are you really "buying"? Thanks! Molly

From a personal and historical viewpoint, I have upgraded software sporadically. I have never jumped on every new version, nor have I needed to. I too am a one-person freelance/self-employed business and some years have been great income-wise and some years have not. In the lean years spending money on upgrades - plus new OSs and new computer hardware when the upgrades required it - was not happening if I could get by without. And I got by and "made do" a lot. Subsequently, buying licenses outright was a component of my survival since I spent less $$ in the long run than I would have otherwise. Right now I'm not in such a tight spot, but having had difficult years (and not being able to predict the future) I remain more comfortable with the outright purchase model.


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