Geoff, Bruce, Will, Britt, et al: thanks for your input. I have not looked into Capture One, so I appreciate this info. I have a friend who has tried Affinity and liked it overall, though indicated pros and cons to both Photoshop and Affinity; he felt there was no clear winner. I have a few PS filters (Plug-Ins) that I'd hate to lose use of; this is my main concern. I notice Affinity can open and work with PS files, and apparently also save as .psd. So that's a big plus over other programs.

The Apple instructor I mentioned earlier spoke of Pixelmator, and I see there is a Pixelmator Pro also. I haven't explored it yet. Have any of you? See There is a trial version available. The Pro requires MacOS 10.13, however, and I'm running 10.11.6. I'm not inclined to upgrade to High Sierra, at least not yet, as an urgent message went out to Gyst users a month ago that Gyst is having registration and crashing problems running on High Sierra and the powers that be haven't yet resolved them.

Back to Photoshop, information coming forth on another list indicates that if you subscribe you also can download CS6 for free. Here's the cut-and-paste:

Iím not sure if what your instructor said is entirely correct. Adobe is not developing or maintaining any standalone version of Photoshop beyond CS6. Iím guessing that what he probably meant is what you see at this link:

If you purchase a subscription to Photoshop CC, you are free to also download and install CS6 at no additional cost.  There is no restriction to operating CC and CS6 simultaneously on your computer. Though if you already have access to Photoshop CC, I donít see why anyone would want to also operate CS6.  But I guess there may be some circumstances Iím not aware of that would make it worthwhile to do so. Whatís not clear to me is, can you download and operate CS6 if you didnít pay for a previous CS6 license?  Also, I donít see any provisions for downloading and operating CS6 without first purchasing a CC subscription.  If you do that and later decide to end your CC subscription, itís also not clear if your CS6 license will still be functional and legal to operate.

FYI: I did call Adobe sales today and got the party line (and no surprise. . . my call was routed to India): "We only sell subscriptions."


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I tried Affinity, but I had problem wrapping my head around their implementation for some common Photoshop concepts, like masking.


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Has anyone tried Affinity Photo.  I have been looking for Photoshop alternatives as I am a buyer by nature, not a renter.



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Thanks, Geoff.  I've heard a lot about Capture One, but I'm just looking for a raw converter for Fuji RAFs.  I like the processing in CS6, just need something other than LR to convert the raw images.  I also wonder if Capture One will go to a subscription scheme one day soon, as they are already offering a $149/year service.  Presumably that gives updates without the bother of paying extra for them, which might be a cost saving, but I still wonder.  I guess I should try it for a month, but I've yet to run through the other software converters, many of which have some shortcomings (in my humble opinion) the chief among those not converting to DNGs, thereby requiring one maintain sidecar files.  But I'll check it out soon.  Thanks again.


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