Correction: the button is in the UPPER LEFT corner, under the mountain image.
In this process of exploring the Photoshop issues, some Wacom table issues, and the fact that I just bought an extended keyboard that requires 10.12.4 for the bluetooth to work I decided I must ugrade to Sierra. My iMac is in the process now - goodness, it's going to take about 24 minutes (sheesh!). Getting to this point has been a challenge: I've had the dickens of a time finding out how via Apple's website. It took a call to Support, and then the support member had to hunt. Apple is trying ever so hard to direct us all to High Sierra. In case any of you are wanting to take the same step to Sierra (NOT High Sierra), here's how you do it:

Go to:

Scroll down to where it says: "If you still need Sierra, follow these steps:"

Follow the link. Connect to the App Store. Click on the button in the lower left, under the mountain image, that says "Get" and it will give you another window for the license and the installation. (Don't look for  a "Download" button as there isn't a "Download" button. Don't check out the downward triangle for the drop-down menu; you don't need that, either, and it won't take you to installation. Just click on "Get".)

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