Time to write another journal article Geoff??? would love to see the editing process and a comparison to lightroom results.


On 11/20/17 5:05 PM, Geoff Thompson wrote:
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My email gets swamped with Facebook messages and I was tied up with a big project, involving 1200 source images in one big merged photo. So I missed some of this discussion.


I just wanted to clarify; Capture One is an alternative to Lightroom, not Photoshop. I use it for adjusting photographs out of cameras but always go to Photoshop CS6 for any fine pixel adjustment.


In this big project I did twelve focus-stacked images, each of about 100 source images. I stacked the images with Zerene Stacker software, carefully editing back the hairs from multiple sub-stacks and then reediting back the scales along the hairs from the original stack. I then merged them all in Photoshop CS6. The resulting image of a tiny peacock spider abdomen is 88 megapixels. The actual abdomen is 2-3mm across.


A friend who built my system had to go back to Lightroom on a new system at the insistence of the client. He couldn’t get over how flat the images appeared by comparison.






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