Hi Bruce and Lynette,

                                              I hadn’t heard about that Photoshop option but I’ve stuck with Photoshop CS6 anyway.


Regarding Lightroom we refused to go on the cloud when Lightroom 5 wouldn’t recognise our then-new Canon 5DS camera. Photography guru Les Walkling was with us for the day when that happened. 

He suggested trying Capture One. We did and have never regretted the change. The colour rendering is so much better and the filters etc. are fabulous.

I’ve bought it myself for home use as well. 

You buy it outright for about 300 euros and updates within a version are free. Full version upgrades cost 90 euros each. The versions are usually worth it and happen no more than once a year, or even less often.

It uses all the processing power of multi-core CPUs and video cards, which is very important when exporting stacks of hundreds of photos. Last week I exported 1200 20-megapixel photos in a day for one composite stack.

You can check it out free for a month.




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Wow.  News to me.  When the photo community finds out there will be another "dump Adobe" furor.  I'm a bit upset with them myself for shooting everyone in the foot over Lightroom, as many of us bought LR 6 as the "front end" for CS6.  Frankly, I'm looking for another raw converter, but I'll use CS6 until ever.  Photoshop is still the best software out there, regardless of all the hooplah.  It's the benchmark against which everything else is compared.  


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Earlier this week I attended a class at the local Apple store and the subject of Photoshop came up - and the subscription plan one is required to buy into. The class presenter said that it is possible to purchase a single license for the current version of Photoshop. This won't provide access to the frequent updates, but it will be the current version as of the date of purchase. He said this isn't advertised and that you have to be insistent when calling Adobe and asking for it, but says it IS possible to obtain. Has anyone else heard this and tried to get it?

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