This message (apologies for cross-posting) is being sent on behalf of Paul Skelley (Entomology Section Administrator, Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA)) and Zachary Prusak (Florida Fire Manager for the Nature Conservancy) who are working on getting all of the donated books in FSCA's possession out to the greater entomological community (and beyond) in two ways. You can either 1) stop by the FSCA and purchase books in person upon request or 2) buy some on e-bay. 

The purpose off these sales is to raise funds for the Center for Systematic Entomology (CSE) ( For the past 20 years, the CSE has served as a non-profit corporation designed to further systematics in its broadest sense. The CSE has supported the FSCA in many ways, including: purchases of computer software, library materials, museum study trips, labor for bulk sample sorting, and has even provided a number of grants for specialists to study at the FSCA.

What should you get the entomologist in your life these Holidays? Below are links to some of the books currently for sale on eBay with more to come in early 2018!

Thanks for looking!

If you have questions regarding these auctions, please send them to:

Zach Prusak at zaprusak at mindspring dot com

Main "store link" to browse through all of the auctions:

Individual Auctions:

General Entomology
8 Volumes "Fauna of British India"

Life-Long Safari" Edward Ross 1999 signed California Academy oral history

State Plant Board of Florida Bulletins bound copies

Book lot entomology

“Ticks and Politics in South Florida Seminole War Photographs of Roy Komarek"

Five books on Spiders North America Crab Spiders California Catalogue Araneae

Four books on Spiders Panama Asia

Five books on Spiders Florida Caribbean Arkansas Scorpions Arachnids

Six books on Spiders Arachnids Panama Connecticut

“Recherches sue l'aile des Chrysomeloidea" Jolivet 1954

“Nearctic Collembola Springtails Family Isotomidae" entomology Folsom 1937

Mosquito Fauna North America 1951 Office of the Surgeon medical entomology

Biology of the Heteroptera Corixidae Western Hemisphere Africa

“Les Fourmis et les Plantes Exemple Coevolution" Jolivet 1986

Four books Ichneumon wasps entomology hymenoptera Africa

7 books American Entomological Institute Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae

8 books American Entomological Institute Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae Eulophidae

"Termites of United States and Canada" Snyder 1954

Hawkmoth key Neotropical

“Butterflies of California" Comstock J.H. McDunnough Canada 1927

"Moths of North America" signed

“Histoire Naturelle des Insectes Nevropteres" Rambur 1842

“Monographie des Calopterygines" Longchamps 1854

"The Odonata or Dragonflies of Connecticut" 1927

“Handbook of Dragonflies North America" 1929 signed

“The Biology of Dragonflies" Tillyard 1917

"Monographie des Calopterygines" 1854 Longchamps

“Revue des Odonates Libellules d'Europe" 1850

Morphology Anatomy Ethology of Nemoura 1923

Book lot Fleas Siphonaptera entomology insects North America

Pest Control/Agriculture/Forestry
Sugarcane diseases entomology Hawaii India Taiwan agriculture coleoptera

“Biology Life History of Cotton Stainer” Creighton

“Insect Pests of the Food Industry" 1967

“Report on Injurious Insects Midland Counties" 1907 1908

“Commonly Used Names of Insect Pests in Different Countries" in German 1940

“Atlas der Nutzlichen Forstinsekten" 1990

Coffee production agriculture

“Ecology of Forest Insects" Szujecki

62 entomology themed Christmas Holiday cards Flahey insects Canada

“Darwinism and Catholic Thought, Vol. One Origin of Species" Dorlodot 1922

“Echinoderms of Connecticut” 1912

“The Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine Vol. 1" 1859 Forbes

“The Nature of Animal Colours" Fox 1960

“Crawfishes of Pennsylvania" Ortmann 1906

“Morals and Dogma" Freemason Scottish Rite 1919

"Medicinal and Poisonous Plants Southern Eastern Africa" Watt ethnobotany 1962

“Indian Ocean Atlas" CIA 1976 maps

“Geognosie und Geologie" Leonhard 1835

Lithuanian English Dictionary 1967

"Life in a Nutshell" A. Realist 1936 Edward Charles Francis

“Frijoles Hidden Valley in the New World" Hendron 1946

“Afloat in the Forest Voyage Among the Tree-Tops" Reid 1873

Menge-Guthling Worterbuch Deutsch - Griechisch 1910

“British Pottery and Porcelain" Fisher 1963

“Los Aborigenes de Costa Rica" Gagini 1917

"Crayfishes of Florida" "Herpetology of Florida" Hobbs Archie Carr

"South American Gentleman's Companion Exotic Drinking and Cookery"

“The Great Cacti Ethnobotany & Biogeography" Yetman 2007

Kryptogamenflora Pilze Lindau Mushrooms Mycology

State Dept of Public Health Vector Control mounted specimens vials

Thanks for looking!

If you have questions regarding these auctions, please send them to:

Zach Prusak at zaprusak at mindspring dot com

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