Thanks much Jackie and Paul, 
I have done appraisals of Lepidoptera collections other than those donated to Colorado State University or for my own donations. I am familiar with current IRS rules but don't know how laws for such in-kind donations would change under any new tax legislation. We have had difficulty finding willing qualified appraisers for collections donated to our institution. 
All the best, 
Paul Opler, professor 
Colorado State University 

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Dear Paul: 

Connie Hurt was an ECN Program Supporter at the meetings last year and advertised that she did appraisals of Butterflies and Insect Collectionf for donations to Museums and Institutions.  Contatc information: www.Butterflies and  (440) 387-8389.   

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    I was just informed that the person who did annual donation appraisals for the FSCA, the one I regularly recommend to others, has health concerns and is no longer in business. I am looking for names of people that may do insect donation appraisals to recommend to potential donors. Please e-mail me directly if you have any leads. THANKS, 

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