A&S Deputy for Martial Studies Position Vacancy

The office of A&S Deputy for Martial Studies has been vacant since the
sorrowful passing of our beloved friend, HG Sir Ostwald.  I have not
received any queries about it since then, but the time has come to look at
filling this position.

There are no particular prerequisites of rank or achievement, but it does
require a serious interest in research, re-creation, and promotion of
period martial techniques, training, equipment, and materiel from the
research angle primarily.  It is not limited to any particular category of
combat activity, the goal is to improve the quality and authenticity of our
game, and includes both individual and collective martial activity.  It
really encompasses all of the martial field, including such diverse areas
as archery, armored combat, steel combat, equestrian matters, youth combat,
even the study of siege weapons, and extends to matters as diverse as task
organization, orders of battle, and tactical/strategic thought for Medieval

Knowledge and interest are the key things necessary, but naturally
experience, prowess, and diverse authorizations would be positives.  The
role of the selected candidate would be as a resource and guide for those
engaging in martial studies in an artisan sense, such as research in combat
systems and techniques, weapons, armor, and general coordination of
martiallyoriented A&S activities, NOT to butt heads with the Marshalate.

If interested, please submit a narrative letter of interest to the Kingdom
A&S Minister (Me), no particular format or length, but it should contain
your background, experience, and vision for the office.  Submissions should
be emailed to [log in to unmask]  and must be received not later
than Friday, January 26th, 2018, the decision announced shortly thereafter.

Yours in service, THL Paul Adler

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