To the right worshipful gentles who wouldst be attending the Barony of 
Lonely Tower's 12th Night and Baronial Investiture to be held on 6 
January A.S. LII (being 2018 in the common accounting), I Lord Miklos 
Farma greet you well.

I pray that you would consider undertaking a contest which is being held 
at the 12th Night event, for which a prize shall be offered. I would ask 
each of you to take pen to paper, and write a letter in a style which is 
appropriate and fitting for the periods which our good Society 
encompasses, namely the periods which span from 450AD to 1603 AD. In 
plain English, the letter you write should be written in as 
Medieval/Renaissance a style as you can. As an example of what one would 
seek to avoid, might I simply say that "OMG" and "automobile" are both 
most non-period things to place upon the page of a medieval letter.

The letter will be one of congratulations, or one of request, or perhaps 
an order to a merchant, or instructions to someone, or a love letter, or 
indeed any type of letter that you wish. Further, the letter shall be to 
anyone which you yourself, the gentle who writes the letter, wishes it 
to be addressed to.

This next is MOST IMPORTANT. Period handwriting is *NOT* required, as 
this is not a contest to see who can do the prettiest calligraphy.

If you seek to know how a medieval/renaissance letter was writ, I would 
refer you to these sources which can all be found web:

1. The Principles of Letter Writing (translated by James Murphy)

2. Medieval Letter-writing (class notes by Aelflaed of the Weald (India 
Ollerenshaw), 2000.

3. Writing a Medieval Letter, By THLaird Colyne Stewart (2014)

4. Medieval Missives: Aids to Letter-Writing, by Caryl de Trecesson

If you wish to undertake the contest, simply come to the contest table 
at 12th Night. It shall be located near Herald's Point. There you shall 
be given paper (of about 4 inches by 6 inches) and something to write 
with for the contest.

Should you wish to bring notes of what your letter would say, feel free 
to do so, but know that the letters shall be written on site for the 

If one has questions, feel free to contact me at 
[log in to unmask] , or at 12th Night where I shall often be 
found sitting at the contest table.

Know good gentles one and all, that I am but your humble servant in this 
challenge, and do pray that you shall join in the contest and write a 
most goodly letter to "Dear Leonardo" !!
Written upon Christmas Day in the Barony of Lonely Tower, by my own 
hand, Lord Miklos Farma

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