Forwarded by request of Uji Gold Falcon:
Greetings, Calontir!

The College Of Heralds has a 12th Night gift for all of you. For the 
entire month of December, the cost to submit Names or Devices is 
officially $4 per item. That cost is what the Kingdom pays to Laurel 
Queen Of Arms.

In other words for the month of December you only pay what we HAVE to 
pay, no more or less.

In order to qualify you must have your arms either to Saker or to your 
local herald, with payment, by 12/31/2017. If you turn it in on 1/1/18, 
it doesn’t count. If you turn it in on 12/31 but forgot your checkbook 
until 1/1, it doesn’t count.

In addition on January 1, the price for all submissions will be lowered 
from $9 to $8 permanently. The College wants to find ways to make 
heraldry better for all of you, and I am proud to be able to lower the 
cost of registration.

Note 1: This is a per item charge. In December of you register a name 
(personal or household) and device (personal or household), it is $8. If 
you go crazy and register names and devices for you, your spouse, a 
child, and a dog, that’s $32.

Manage your subscription at