Hello Ingibiorg, 

I’m not a member of the chiv, but I am a clothier and, having looked at the painting, I don’t think anyone could confuse the necklace in question with a knight’s chain. But, I would probably select a more delicate chain with smaller links so it is clearly jewelry. (I love period bling!)
Also, the link you provided directed me to a full Pinterest page rather than a single image. I take it this was the image you were referring to? 


It was the only painting on the page that matched the description you gave. :) 


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Maybe this is something clothiers have hashed out long ago, but not knowing the right clothing folks to ask I figured I'd ask some people at large.

I've found one bit of "Cranach dress" jewelry that is a thin gold chain necklace that seems it might be connected to a brooch on the dress (as opposed to just the "floating giant honkin' chains" or "thin chain outlining and disappearing between breasts."  

If it is actually connected to a dress, will that avoid stepping on Chiv toes?  My understanding is that it would be acceptable according to the Sumptuary Laws, but since law and custom can sometimes be quite different...


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